Last update  February 21, 2017

The following are sets that I am currently working on and I am also collecting St. Louis Cardinal cards prior to 1976. I would also be interested in cards from oddball sets prior to 1976, just to have a little bit of variety. Any pre-war cards would be graciously accepted in pretty much any condition, though I would prefer that there were no missing pieces on the front of the card. I would prefer no writing on the front, though a little on the back is OK. No cards to be ripped or torn or creased so bad that they look like a city road map. Hopefully, we can work out a trade that is in equal value to the both of us. The lists also include cards that are being sent to me from another trade or an eBay deal. Please contact me before shipping.


Picture of me at Cooperstown, many thanks to my wife Sandy and my girls, Amanda and Buddy. This trip was my 40th birthday present and was a trip of a lifetime . Thank you very much.